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Nature's Gifts

Italy is without doubt one of the worlds most beautiful countries. Littered with living #history dating back to Roman times and beyond. From the north where the mountain ranges dominate the geography, to #Tuscany and its lush rolling green hills and valleys. Outside of Italy a little known fact is that they have a abundance of natural spa's. Like the Romans the Italians like nothing better than taking advantage of each spa's unique healing properties. Some are natural cold water springs whilst others bubbling thermal. These springs thermal or otherwise rise from deep underground. Whilst rising from their subterranean depths, they collect salts and minerals. Each source has its own unique concoction of minerals and salts. It is this individual natural mixture that identifies each spa source. Here where we live in the area to the southwest of Tuscany know as Maremma the abundance of natural spa's is no less. Just below our village of Poggio Murella probably one of Italy's most famous spa's emerges. The thermal springs of #Saturnia are not only therapeutic but they are a visual wonder of nature. Emitting from its source at a constant 37.5○c the mixture of carbonic - sulphurous waters are considered beneficial for skin, blood pressure, circulation and rheumatic problems. Also the waters and its clay base are used in many high brand cosmetic creams. With all these benefits in mind I also find them very calming on the mind and general wellbeing.  The best place to enjoy the spa waters of Saturnia is at a spot known as the Cascate or Gorello Waterfalls. These waterfalls are a wonder to see. A cascade of water filled by the milky waters of the Gorello, fills individual basins, forming a number of natures own jacu