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After 8 months of hard long days the restoration work here at Poggio Monte is Finally completed. It has been all hands to the deck and a major learning curve. The original building of Poggio Monte dates back to the 1750's. I would assume that it would have been nothing more than a animal shed, however over the centuries it developed into the floor pan it occupies today. Situated in 160 acres of its own land Poggio Monte commands a 360 Degree view of the surrounding countryside and some of Italys most beautiful villages. From The mountains to the sea.

Whilst the main structure of the house needed no work the internals needed a new heating system and pipe work including a total decor over hall.The main house consists of 6 bedrooms together with their accompanying bathrooms which resulted in a great deal of digging out traces in walls 3 feet thick. This work took the best side of 3 months to complete and once done a new state of the art boiler installed, finally hot water and trust me a much needed hot shower. Cold showers seem to loose their appeal after the first week!

Painting was the task at hand and it was decided to use a natural paint. So using Greek Alabaster as the base we added a natural earth until the desired effect was reached. The same colour has been used throughout the house and effects are unfortunately not caught on camera that well. Each of the rooms have their own names such as Stella, Poppies, Ninfee and so on.

We are so pleased with the results of all our labour and as we welcomed our first guests we could see their appreciation too, however the work on the farm never stops as next job is to start to prune our 500 Olive trees! Oh joy.

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